Class ProcessorGraph

Class Documentation

class ProcessorGraph

Public Functions

ProcessorGraph(GlobalContext &context)
inline bool terminated()
inline bool done()
inline bool all_processors_running()
inline bool any_processor_running()
void ConstructProcessorEngines(const YAML::Node &node)

Construct processors listed in the graph yaml description.

Looping through the graph description to find every processor, expanded their name, create their instance and run the internal configuration for each.


node – graph description

YAML::Node GetProcessorDocumentation()

Give the documentation of either all registered processor or only processors used in the running graph

void Build(const YAML::Node &node)

Build the graph

Construct all processors, parse and create connections between them and create shared state.


node – graph description

void Destroy()
void StartProcessing(std::string run_group_id, std::string run_id, std::string template_id, bool test_flag)
void StopProcessing()
void Update(YAML::Node &node)

Update processor’s shared state with input from the user


node – graph description

void Retrieve(YAML::Node &node)

Retrieve the state value for all shared state name given in the yaml node.


node – shared state description

void Apply(YAML::Node &node)

Apply exposed methods with parameters given in the yaml node


node – exposed method description

std::string ExportYAML()
inline const GraphState state() const
std::string state_string() const
inline void set_state(GraphState state)
inline const ProcessorMap &processors() const
inline const StreamConnections &connections() const
IProcessor *LookUpProcessor(std::string name)
std::vector<std::pair<std::string, std::shared_ptr<IState>>> LookUpStates(std::vector<std::string> state_addresses)
void BuildSharedStates(const YAML::Node &node)

Protected Functions

void CreateConnection(SlotAddress &out, SlotAddress &in)